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5. What badges are available on Revolt?

Badges are little images, usually to signify something, on your profile.

DeveloperActive or significant contributor to Revolt*
TranslatorHelp translate Revolt
SupporterDonate to Revolt
(must specify ID or show proof through PayPal / Ko-Fi)
Responsible Disclosure🛡Helped discovered a security issue and responsibly disclosed it.
Early AdopterJoined as one of the first 1k users.
Platform ModerationPart of the platform moderation team.
FounderFounded Revolt.
Pawit's a paw what do you expect
Raccoonraccoon 🦝
Relevant Joke Badge 1Whatever the funny joke is at any given time.

* Developer badge is obtainable if you are deemed worthy.


Here's an example on a Revolt profile: