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6. What can I do with Revolt?

Brand Guidelines

In general:

  • The Revolt branding is used to represent the platform,
  • You may use the branding as-is to promote the platform and your community on the platform.
  • You should not use the branding in order to appear as if you are associated with the Revolt team.
  • Please make explicit distinctions between Revolt (the platform, "") and the Revolt software.
  • The Revolt software is unbranded and only associated by name.

If you have any concerns or questions, please liase with us at

Guidelines for Third Party Instances

  • You must provide correct attribution in line with our software licenses:
    • If you are using official images (GitHub Packages / Docker Hub), attribution is included.
    • If you are modifying the software and using it in production, you must publish the changes to the source publicly in line with AGPLv3. (In addition to providing attribution back to the original project.)
  • You are solely responsible for whatever happens on your third party instance, we provide no warranty or liability for what happens on 3rd party instances.
  • You should not appear to associate with Revolt / unless if granted explicit written permission. In regards to custom clients, provide a warning of any potential risks or clear it with us.
  • You may not use any of the Revolt branding or brand assets to advertise or promote your third party instance.