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3. Scaling & Monetisation

To start answering this question:

  • Revolt is already pretty efficient and can theoretically also scale both vertically and horizontally.
  • The problem areas are known and can be easily fixed with a bit of work, so we can improve performance as we go along.
  • As proof of this, right now, it costs a very small amount for the team to run Revolt, just one VPS at 8 eur/mo. (15th Sept)

I really want to push Revolt as far as I can on the current budget, we have about 8k registered users right now and about 600 concurrent conncetions (morning hours), and it runs surprisingly stable, like we survived the Hacker News hug of death which had even greater load on the server. I will always focus on optimisation first before spending any more money.

Now you may be asking how will Revolt be funded?

  • We have a variety of monetisation ideas lined up internally, none of which involve paywalling features!
  • We currently have £1000 in donations (as of 6th September) from our community, which haven't been spent at all.
  • Given everything I've seen so far, it's likely some of the monetisation strategies we thought of are likely to succeed, some will also allow us to support community members who create awesome things.