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Migrating from Discord.JS

A word of warning

Before we begin, please note that Revolt does not support interactions or slash commands. This guide will only help for bots that use message-based commands and such. While we may add support for slash commands in the future, for now message-based commands are the only option for making Revolt bots.

The basics


When running your bot, make sure to pass --experimental-specifier-resolution=node as a Node flag (for example, node --experimental-specifier-resolution=node index.js). Revolt.js will not work if you do not pass this flag.

  • Unlike Discord, Revolt does not have intents and you do not need to specify them when creating a client. You should remove any code that specifies any intents.

  • client.once("ready", () => { code }) should be replaced with client.on("ready", async () => { code }.

  • client.login(botToken) should be replaced with client.loginBot(botToken) (or, for selfbots, client.useExistingSession(sessionToken, user_id: "", name: "")).

  • client.guilds should be replaced with client.servers.


  • Unlike Discord.JS, messages may sometimes be SystemMessages. As a result, the content property may be null, so you'll need to handle this - either by ignoring messages without any content (like this):
if (!message.content) return;
  • ...or by handling them separately (for example, if you're making a logging bot and want to log these events).

  • Messages are not guaranteed to have channels. You'll mostly see this with SystemMessages. To prevent any issues, use optional chaining like this:
  • On top of this, Revolt.js's .send function is .sendMessage - should be replaced with


  • Embeds do not have fields - you should use bold text and newlines to acheive a similar effect.