Other ways to help

You can contribute to Revolt in a variety of ways:

1. Feedback

The easiest, but most important, way to contribute to Revolt is to voice your opinion and give us feedback. We want to hear what you think and appreciate and await your feature suggestions, bug reports and general opinions on everything Revolt has to offer.

Within the Revolt app, you can navigate to the feedback tab, or you can open an issue on the relevant GitHub repo.

2. Translate

Revolt is used by users all around the world; as such, it's more accessible if the user interface is available in a variety of languages. You can contribute translations through Weblate.

3. Donate

Revolt is not backed by a big company, is not currently monetised (for example, via a subscription service) and does not serve you advertisements; as such, Revolt currently relies entirely on donations. You can learn more about donating here - if you want to make a larger donation, please consult me first.