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20220903-1: Changes to role colours, masquerades, members and user timeouts

Role colours now support most valid CSS gradients and colours up to 128 characters and which satisfy the following Regex:

(?i)^(?:[a-z ]+|var\(--[a-z\d-]+\)|rgba?\([\d, ]+\)|#[a-f0-9]+|(repeating-)?(linear|conic|radial)-gradient\(([a-z ]+|var\(--[a-z\d-]+\)|rgba?\([\d, ]+\)|#[a-f0-9]+|\d+deg)([ ]+(\d{1,3}%|0))?(,[ ]*([a-z ]+|var\(--[a-z\d-]+\)|rgba?\([\d, ]+\)|#[a-f0-9]+)([ ]+(\d{1,3}%|0))?)+\))$

You can now also masquerade role colours per-message, simply include the colour property matching the properties above.

All members now include a joined_at property which indicate when the timestamp at which they joined a certain server.

All members now also have a timeout property which can be changed by PATCH /servers/<server_id>/members/<user_id>, users will not be able to interact with the server until the time expires. A visual indicator will also display on the user's end as well as for others in chat:

Timeout UI